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Product: Ear Training Level 1.2 - Counting

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*** Interactive Boom Card Product ***

Ear Training 1.2 - Counting

Need a fun way to engage your music students? Boom Cards makes it fun to practice. Using this Boom Deck will provide your students an entertaining and progressive approach to mastering basic rhythmic counting. All students need to do is drag the numeric counts to the corresponding golden boxes under the given rhythm. Students can also reinforce their understanding of the rhythm by pressing the "speaker" to hear the example. This ear training deck includes 30 interactive cards for any learning management system.

Boom Cards works with almost any device that connects to the internet such as computers, chromebooks, tablets and interactive whiteboards.

This Deck:
This Boom Deck includes: half notes, half rests, quarter notes, quarter rests, & beamed eighth notes.

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Thank you to the talented artist who created the design elements featured in this product.

Clipart by EduClips
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