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A Love Spell Gone Awry

Things were starting to get out of control. I didn't know what was happening. Everywhere I went, guys were falling in love with me. Guys I had never met before, never knew existed were asking me out, bringing me flowers, following me, writing me love poems, etc… 

Somewhere things went wrong. I remembered seeing that movie Love Potion No. 9 and thinking to myself how cool it would be for guys to be falling over me to talk to me or just to have me smile at them. For guys to fall in love with me without ever meeting me before. I soon changed my mind once it actually started happening to me. 
I guess I am talking in riddles and should explain things a little better to you. It all started four months ago… 

My best friend Jessica had been having problems with her boyfriend and they were heading for a break-up. He wasn't giving her enough attention and was spending all of his time with his friends after school and on the weekends. It was our first year of college and we had both had our boyfriends since high school. 

For the following two months after they had broken up, Jessica had been miserable. Then out of nowhere her boyfriend, Chad, called her begging her to come back to him. He told her that he couldn't live without her, that he missed her, that he made mistakes, that he would do anything to get her back. Of course Jessica took him back. And ever since then, Chad has spent as much time with her as she wants, he doesn't hang out with his friends when Jessica wants to spend time with him and he has become more romantic and loving. Basically, he has become the perfect model boyfriend and Jessica soon became the envy of every girl. 

Really hot cheerleaders from our college were coming up to Chad and flirting with him and he would totally ignore them whether Jessica was around or not. Chad was a football player, so he was a prime catch for a college cheerleader. His only love focus was on Jessica.


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