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Midwinter Magic

by Elinor Predota

The days are short and getting shorter. The nights are cold. Some of us have even seen snow already. 

The dark of the year is fully upon us, and here, in the darkness, wisdom and magic are to be found.

Midwinter Magic

Back in the Pagan days of the Roman Empire, the midwinter solstice feast of Saturnalia - celebrated on our 25th December - was followed by twelve days of magic. Every one of those twelve days was a window into a month of the coming year, and much could be divined through paying attention to weather, animals, and dreams.

That tradition continued into the Christian Middle Ages, giving us the Twelve Days of Christmas.

Whether we celebrate the birth of the new year’s sun into the darkness of the winter solstice, or the birth of the Son of God at Christ-mas, this is a potent time of year in the northern hemisphere. The cold and dark draw us inward, to reflect on the year passing, and to envision the year coming in.

Midwinter Magic is a 12-day ritual to connect with and enter the liminal space between one year and the next, where wisdom and magic dwell.

We will dream, divine, and observe every day, to pick up hints of what might happen in each month of the year ahead. We will dive deep with twelve daily exercises, each related to a different zodiac sign and its ruling planet. We will gather what we learn, and create our vision for the year ahead. We will come together to share our ahas and our puzzles, and support one another in community.

We will emerge with clarity about where we’ve been, where we are and where we’re going.

“I really wanted to expand my spiritual practice and the idea of having set tasks set by an expert in the field, rather than relying on my own willpower and vague learnings, was perfect.

“I loved the feeling of being part of a traditional, shared ritual, that would help prepare my soul for the year ahead. I was really impressed at the quality of the material; the sessions were varied yet apt and the whole course well rounded.

"The best part was how it made me feel in the now, and how it connected me to my ancestors and the earth. It was an honour to be part of the experience.”

— Moxie D. | Performance Artist and Charity Manager

What's included?

WORKBOOK (both PDF and ePub):

  • Guide to the work
  • Opening ritual
  • Daily dreaming, divination and observation practices
  • Carefully crafted exercises based on the planets and signs of the zodiac
  • Creative review
  • Closing ritual


  • Relaxation
  • Grounding and centering
  • Vocal practice
  • Faery cleansing

COMMUNITY: Membership in the Midwinter Magic community at Mighty Networks, a space to come for support, to share our experiences, and to inspire one another.

BONUS 1: Deep Observation Skills workbook (both PDF and ePub)

BONUS 2: A Short Guide To Silent Meditation guidebook (PDF)

“I’d always wanted a more structured way to work with the 12 days of midwinter to ‘get more out of’ them, and Midwinter Magic provided it. The layout was very clear without being boring, and I loved that it was written in a very inclusive way, which allowed for people of all kinds of faiths to take part without having to give up on their views or practices. The general atmosphere was very open and flexible, and I was encouraged to work with the given material in the ways that worked best for me and my circumstances at that time.

“It was great to have a structure and a group that encouraged me to stay with my commitment and truly dive deep into all the 12 days for the first time. I stayed with it and the insights were deep. I’m really grateful that I had a chance to participate in this really comprehensive course. It allowed me to stay committed and gain deep insights which are already tremendously helpful for navigating this year! I would definitely recommend Midwinter Magic to my friends!”

— Morven C. | Writer

The practicalities

DELIVERY: All content will be delivered for download here via Payhip, which will also process your payment.

ENROLMENT: You can purchase Midwinter Magic from 13th December to 5th January. This is to allow for people celebrating different festivals, and therefore starting their 12 days of dreaming, divination, and observation on different dates:

Winter Solstice: begin 22nd December
Saturnalia: begin 25th December
Western Christmas: begin 25th December
Eastern Christmas: begin 6th January

LIVE RITUALS: I will be leading live rituals via online call. The opening ritual will be on 21st December, and the closing ritual will be on 7th January. Recordings of the rituals will be available for those who would like to use them on different dates.

COMMUNITY: We’ll congregate on a dedicated Mighty Network site, with clearly identified topic threads, for a no pressure, no clutter experience.

When you purchase Midwinter Magic, you will be signed up to an email list. This is exclusively to make sure you have the links and information you need to join the Mighty Network Midwinter Magic community, and to join the live calls for the opening and closing rituals.

Paying it forward

For every three Midwinter Magic packages sold, I will donate a fourth package to someone who could benefit from it but would not otherwise be able to afford it. If there’s someone you know, whom you’d like to receive a free copy (even if it’s you!) email me at elinor [at] elinorpredota [dot] com, and I’ll add their name to the hat. Deadline for nominations is midnight PST on 20th December.

Want to know something I haven’t outlined here? 

Join me for a live Q&A call on 16th December at 10am PST / 1pm EST / 6pm GMT.

Register for the call:

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