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Lynette Cook is a woman who knows all too well the effects of abuse. After escaping the clutches of her father and ex-boyfriend, she moves with her teenage daughter Kari to a small town in Oklahoma. But when she comes home one day to find Kari being raped by her boyfriend and two of his friends, Lynette's rage blinds her and she snaps, shooting one of the boys and locking the others in her storm cellar. As Lynette struggles to come to terms with her violent actions, Kari's blurred memories of the night start to sharpen, and Lynette begins to unravel. In a gripping climax, mother, daughter, and boyfriend are forced to confront the events of the night and decide who will bear the title of victim.

For readers who enjoyed Kathryn Stockett's The Help, Lynette Cook's story of determination and justice will be just as captivating.

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