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And the Winner is... You!

Ninety percent of my students improve their technique and raise their level by participating in a bellydancing competition. And in this ebook, I´ll tell you how I became the Champion in Ahlan wa Sahlan, the most important bellydancing competition in Egypt.

 I am Maryam Coach author of the E - book “And the winner is You.”

And today I want to share very valuable information that I have compiled in my experience as Coach, Teacher, and winner of numerous professional Belly Dance competitions, in which I have won more than 45 awards .

So, Follow me !!!

If you are a dancer that feels not fear but actual panic to participate in a competition, or maybe you are someone who says. “I’m not a competitor, the art is subjective.” Or perhaps you are that kind of dancer who has an imaginary wall that does not let you move forward and you feel stuck.

Feeling stuck is a horrible sensation, it feels paralyzing, wasting your time, your money, your energy, and it feels sad when you are seeing that others are reaching their goals and dreams and you have a wall, a barrier that you don’t know how to cross.

But you know, there is a solution:  It is imperative, so Important, primordial to have a goal.

When you have an objective, you give of yourself in soul, body and mind, which makes you expand your limits, and takes you out of your comfort zone.

In my career, I found that, to move forward in dance, you have to do 2 things:
One, dance on a stage that is imposing to you, I mean a big stage!!!
And two, dance in a competition.

And these two forms of growth are 100% achievable goals for any of us.
What I mean to say is that you need to take each performance as if it’s a competition. You will inevitably find a lot growth in it.

Just as any up-and coming tennis player who wants to do it professionally needs to obviously know the rules of the game, about practice and game strategies, and of course to have a trusted coach as a guide.

So if you really want to move forward in your dance journey, you need to know all of these tools that allow your potential to unlock your dance skills. And so, you will reach your goals, touching your dreams where the winner is you.

But this information is valuable. Can you imagine Rafa Nadal’s coach giving a conference offering his tips, tools, strategies and secrets? I don’t think so right?

Well, for 10 years, I have dedicated and collected all this information regarding how to win bellydance competitions, and I want to tell you the steps that I utilized in winning more than 45 competitions, which I demonstrate in great detail in my E-book.

Ahlan Wa Sahlan Champion 2015, Egypt.

In my E book “And the winner is You,” you will learn the same techniques that I used through trial and error and I’m here to tell you that you can do anything you put your mind to.

Being a coach for me implies having one passion, and this passion is to see you reach your dreams.

And if you really want to continue in belly dance art, And if you are really interested growing as dancer, no matter, If you are doing professionally or amateur. And if want to do well, highlighting, shining, and feeling proud about your dance, then you have come to the right place. I will show you how to apply all the secrets, strategies, the rules of the game and more.

All this knowledge you can easily download here and now. 

All this sound amazing right!!!  and yes it is, download the E- book, apply the method, step by step, and prove to yourself that, in less than a year, that “The winner is you”

And before you  Download my E-book. I want to invite you to think, feel and imagine how you would look with that beautiful costume, dancing to your favorite song with fluency, charisma, and passion of a dancer…. The dancer that you are in your dreams, but  now can be real…

Click, Download your E-book... and Be Prepared to become a Winner.

Maryam Coach

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