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Grades 1-2 Beats & Fills Drum Book - Unit 1 - Rock Pop Soul Funk - PDF ebook

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This book has lots of beats and a few fills. I will update this one day so it's better. For now it's available at a low price.
  • 48 Pages
  • * Also includes 28 Page 'Fast Track' book with some contents removed
  • ** Also includes 17 page 'Super Fast Track' version with some contents removed
  • Focusing on Drum Beats and Drum Fills 
  • Grade 1-2 Level
  • For Students and Teachers
  • Unlimited printing from 1 PDF file


*Includes a free 28 page PDF Fast Track Version with section 1 and section 3 removed. Ideal for moving students quickly through topics. The removed sections 1 and 3 are really only easier versions of sections 2 and 4, so you won't be missing anything vital.

** This download also includes a 'Super Fast Track' pdf ebook. Whilst teaching sometimes I found even the fast track book too long, so this gives me and everyone buying this book the option to use the super short version and cut out repetative pages, or if they wish, get stuck into the longer books.



This is my second ‘Beats & Fills’ drum book, following on from ‘Beats And Fills Drum Book - Basic Beginners’, which was released just over 6 months before this one. Some players will actually be able to move straight onto this book from the first one, whilst others may need some more easier ‘basic beginners’ work first. I will probably create more basic beginners books, but for now I am moving on so that there are books available for higher grades. Interestingly, the first book was 24 page and this new book is 48 pages, so I have managed to double the length without trying. Make sure to print this double sided!

This book has 5 structured sections (see contents), which in my head follows a pattern. With each section, the exercises get longer and more advanced. There is a chronological progression through the sections and within each section there are elements of both grades. For this reason, you may want to skip some pages in each section if they get too hard and come back to them later.

In the first two sections, we start out with 1 bar beats and then onto 2 bar beats. In sections 3-5 we introduce drum fills, starting with 1 beat fills, then 2 beat fills and finally progressing onto whole bar fills after 3 bars of a beat. By the end of the book, you should be well drilled in the basics of drumming and ready to start learning some songs on the drums.


I Hope you enjoy the book and find it useful for either learning yourself or for teaching others with.


- Theo Lawrence / TL Music Lessons


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1 year ago

Very comprehensive

This book has been an excellent teaching resource for both myself and my students :)