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The Fool's Journey Through The Tarot Pentacles - audiobook

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Book 2 The Fool’s Journey Series

Audiobook: 5 hours
Narrated by Jonathan Johns

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Noel Eastwood’s unique blend of rollicking good storytelling and the wisdom of the Tarot continues in this expanded 2nd Edition.
Follin, The Fool, returns to the Tarot Empire to continue his Fool’s Journey – this time in the Pentacles Kingdom. By day Follin comes to understand the power of the Pentacles and discovers the joy in everyday life, the magic of self-discipline, dedication and hard work. By night, in his meditations, the characters of the Pentacles cards come to life.

A thorough grounding in the Pragmatic Pentacles Kingdom sets up Follin – and us – for further exploration of the Intellectual Swords, the Emotional Cups and the Passionate Wands.
Originally written for Tarot practitioners Noel’s Fool’s Journey Series has found a wider audience in those interested in personal growth. Through Follin we come to respect, and delight in, The Fool in all of us.
As the Magician would say: this book can change your life...

"Fantastic series, thank you so much for writing them. Beautiful representation of unconscious archetypes and transformation." FK

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"What can I say? 'Wow' just doesn’t cut it... (as I haven't read the first book in this series)... There is so much in Fool's Journey to learn, to understand, to enjoy. I loved the love story in there as well. I can’t wait for the next one. I’m now going to get the next novel!" KM

"I've read many of Noel's books on Astrology and tarot. I'm always amazed at how easily his writings lend themselves to readers at any point along the Tao. His writings present a systematic approach to psychological and spiritual growth little matched in understanding and ease of use, than by other writers." MR

"Outstanding continuation of the fool's journey! If you enjoyed the Major Arcana storyline, this book takes it in even more detail and allows you to contemplate as you learn the story and the tarot in ways that no other book or audio book have I read! The writing is clean and the narration is just as good with Jonathan Johns continuing to be the narrator for consistency with the Major Arcana books series! I contacted the author (Noel) and informed him of the out of order sequence of the chapters in the audiobook. His quick response and appreciation aligns with how wonderful the story is of the book! If it isn't already, the chapters will be fixed! Great Author, great narration, amazing support! I look forward to the rest of the series in book and audio!" BW

"I am just beginning my journey with Follin and Eve and I am fascinated by all the wisdom and insights you have woven into your narrative. I was very excited that you made Eve a healer. I have so much to learn from her journey and her tutors! Although I am only a few chapters in, I already love the humanity of your characters. In your professional and personal life, I expect that you have met people who are archetypical representations of these beautiful souls. Thank you very much for your generosity sharing so much of what you have learned with your readers!" CC

"I am really looking forward to the Cups book. I've listened to the Fools Journey 5 times, it's starting to sink in very well. You are an amazingly gifted writer to have come up with this story and have given the tarot a voice, words cannot describe my admiration. I am so grateful you crossed my path to help me understand these complex subjects, thank you." CM

‘I just finished the Swords book on Follin's quest. If you have a release date for the Cups volume, I'll but it as soon as it hits Amazon. Thank you for writing such tales, they have really helped me understand tarot better.​I've been trying to grasp the essence of Tarot for a few years as I plan to set up office and offer paid readings. This is no exaggeration - your books are just what many of us need, we can relate to Follin's struggle." AM
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