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Callie's Wedding

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A Rock Creek Ranch Short Story

It’s the day before Callie Rankin’s wedding to Murphy Reynolds, and he, for one, cannot wait to get a ring on Callie’s finger.

Murphy has loved Callie since she was a teenager. The plans are in place—venue, minister, flowers, photographer, caterer and more. Murphy waited a decade for Callie to come home, and he never really thought she would come around to loving him—but she did.

Callie can’t believe how everything fell together so quickly. After the horror of her father’s accident and his death, and her rush home to be with family, she never expected to fall in love with the cowboy she left behind years earlier.

But here they are, getting married tomorrow. And while she and her best friend Kris have seen to every detail, outside circumstances suddenly toss stumbling blocks in their way from every direction. Will Callie and Murphy get past these hurdles and finally get married, after all? Or will they have to post-pone their happily-ever-after?

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