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Book - Cripples & Creeps

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Among these energetic and highly entertaining stories: a suicide victim sits in a Spartan window-less waiting room eager to share his rage with God; a transgendered spy must remain in hiding and navigate the constrictions of a mental institute; a spurned lover has an unexpected liaison with his sexy voiced Satnav; and two old men discover an unlikely friendship as each faces their imminent demise on a hospital palliative ward. Throughout these ten highly imaginative stories Cripples & Creeps reflects the struggles, epiphanies, desperation, loathing and simple joys of the everyday lives and not-so-everyday lives of people around us, ultimately revealing the layers of humanity in us all. The final story, Luck, ties the entire collection together in an unexpected and original way and reminds us of the fragility, serendipity and sometimes seemingly random nature of the world we live in.

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