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This book the wisdom of God is one of the most powerful sources of information that will help you to understand what divine wisdom is and how to differentiate between the wisdom of God and the wisdom of men. This book has greatly expanded on the definition of divine wisdom and scriptural explanation about the wisdom of God.

Many Christians speak so much about wisdom and they place so much value on wisdom yet lack the ability to differentiate between the wisdom of God and the wisdom of this world. This book will help you to draw that line of difference. There are four different kinds of wisdom in existence and this book will help you understand them

This book will help you understand the sources of the four different types of wisdom and the characteristic of each of the four types of wisdom. The book also differentiated between the wisdom of God and all other types of Wisdom.

The book will help you understand how to acquire godly wisdom and how to know whether the wisdom you have acquired is godly wisdom or not. The book provides you with wisdom keys to acquire the wisdom of God.

This book will provide you with wisdom keys you need to apply in your daily life such as, wisdom for Deliverance, wisdom for financial abundance, wisdom for business and investment, wisdom for marital success etc. Through this book you will be able to learn what it means by living in wisdom and be guided step by step on how to live in wisdom.

Lastly this book will guide you step by step on how to possess the wisdom of God and to operate by the wisdom of God in your daily life.

Readers’ Comments


“This book is very rich and I believe will serve as an eye opener to most of us. It will help us to know whether we are truly children of God with a godly wisdom or not.

Going through the fourteen chapters of this book has post a lot of questions and answers that will continue to serve as guiding principle to my Christian life.

Therefore, is my sincere prayer that God almighty will minister his word to his children through this book”.

Mrs. Nanzok Bukata

From Jos Plateau state Nigeria.


“The contend of this book is so amazingly inspired by God for this generation we are in, that the children of God may be guided in the ways of the wisdom of God. It will enable the children of God to know whether they are operating according the wisdom of God or not.

I have read some few Christian books on wisdom, but I have not come across the like of this book. I now know that wisdom is of four different types, and I now know which one is godly and the one that is ungodly. I can now be certain that I am walking in the wisdom of God through the guide in this book.

Thank you Apostle Revival for availing yourself, you have done well that you allowed God inspired you to make this knowledge available to the body of Christ in this generation”.

Rev Dr Kenneth A Joshua

From Abuja Nigeria


“I never know that true wisdom is associated with righteousness until I read this book and understand the nature and the characteristic of true wisdom. I do think wisdom is only common sense as is commonly said but, now I know better.

Going through this book has opened my eyes to understand divine wisdom and how to access divine wisdom. Now I also know through this book how to apply the wisdom of God in my daily living.

Thank you Apostle Revival for this book and the Lord will use you more in Jesus name”.

St James Jacob

From Onitsha, Anambra state Nigeria


“I have never come across a book that gave me a more detailed understanding on the subject of wisdom like the one I discovered in this book. I believe that this book will help many children of God like me to discover the wisdom of God.

I do always have a high Value for wisdom, but going through this book has enables me to understand that not all wisdom has the same value and that the value of godly wisdom is beyond what I used to imagine. Going through this book also helps me understand that, getting godly wisdom is not an option but a necessity.

It is my desire that the almighty God will minister his words to his beloved children through the content of this book”.

Pastor Tunde Aremu

From Jos Plateau state Nigeria


I do know that, not taking advice from anyone at all is not wisdom and I have also been aware that taking every body’s advice is not also wisdom. But I am always confuse as to whose advice is worth taking? And who should I go to if I need a good advice? Going through this book has now answered my question and I now know where to go to and how to discern between good advices and bad advices.

The knowledge I have now by going through this book has now set a standard guiding principle for my life and I will always resort to it for guidance. I believe that this book will do the same to every child of God that will have the opportunity to read the book.

Therefore, I pray that God will use this book to change live around the world as it has change my own life in Jesus name. Amen”.

Inspector Abel Musa

From Jos Plateau state Nigeria


“As a widow I have been struggling to take care of my children through this little business in my hand. Going through this book is a great help for my family. I have learned godly wisdom for business and investments and also godly wisdom keys for financial abundance and I have applied it to my business and my financial life. It is very clear Apostle Revival that these things are working. At first I think it is not possible but it is working sir!

Thank you very much for this book. I pray that God will use this book to affect many families like my own family”.

Mrs. Dusu Chuwang

From Jos Plateau state Nigeria

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