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The Bible's Rapture Already Happened

I LOVE YOU. It's important that you see me as the man I am; "a lover", "a giver", "agreeable", "recovering from religion" and finally, "a friend". This publication will -in fact- be a message to the reader that may spark some uncomfortable emotions. This outline will (no doubt) make a big impact to the body of Catholicism. I assume many boycotts for what's going to be exposed in this publication because what I'm getting ready to shine some light on will cause so much uneasiness, that it's going to prompt retaliatory response patterns. I'm reminded of a verse in the bible that warns about how people will do harm to you for thinking they do God a service. In the Roman Catholic Church, there's what we call Jesuits. Not only them, but there's a sect called "The Knights of Malta". These are people who have take an oath to defend the church at any cost. In this case; when doctrines and information comes forth that chisels away at the foundation of such a strategic belief system (such as Christianity), than those who have taken a vow to defend the faith feel like it is their duty to do something about it. Their responses can almost be calculated. In earlier centuries and when the church felt like it could contain the truth, many have died at the hand of such 'keepers of the faith'. Now-a-days there's more people around and more people aware of the truth. There's an awakening happening and they can't silence all of us. All these oath keepers are good for today is protecting the evidences of their disruptive belief system. Even some of such evidences are visible to anyone who would dare look in the right direction. Some of these evidences can even be found in the very book that was sanctioned to keep you ignorant. The truth needs no defense. This is why I'm (only partially) sacrificing my personal safety to assist in setting your mind free. Maybe it's not your mind, but rather the mind of a loved one that you intend to present this publication to. For that effort on your part, I thank you. We need this kind of truth out and mongering about the masses. This publication will be in two parts. I intend to show you and prove to you three major FACTS.

As a side bar, I'll be showing you what the destruction of "The Great Tribulation" (biblically spoken about) can be attributed to. For returning readers you may already have a since of what I'm going to be referencing. This is your full-disclosure concerning the rapture and the great tribulation. 

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