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Chromebooks for bilingual writers & audio producers/podcasters

(Updated for the second edition) For bilingual writers and audio producers/podcasters, the time has finally come to look at the Chromebook as a serious tool to write and publish our works. Why not before? Because up until recently, the Chromebook platform wasn't really suited as it is now for bilingual writers of certain pairs of languages, or at least among the languages that can be easily typed using single physical keyboard layout, i.e. Castilian, Catalán, English, Euskera (Basque), French, German, Galician, Italian and Valencian. Previously, the Chromebook platform was suited for bilinguals who use any single one of the mentioned languages together with one that used a completely different alphabet, like Arab, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin or Russian. Fortunately, Google improved the capabilities for bilingual writers who use these pairs of languages, or even for multilinguals and monolinguals.

In addition, the Chromebook platform is reaching a new level of power, thanks the the arrival of Android applications to the most recent Chromebook models. But even without the need of Android apps, the Chromebook platform is much more powerful than most people imagine. With the Chromebook platform, we cannot only write and produce an entire book like the one you are about to read, we can also:

  • Browse the web
  • Communicate via email
  • Use accounting services like QuickBooks Online or Wave
  • Receive credit card payments from clients via an online service like Square
  • Have audible conversations via services like Google Voice, Hangouts and Skype
  • Record and broadcast audio from remote guests via Cleanfeed (new for the second edition)
  • Create and maintain a web site or blog, be it with WordPress or
  • Edit photos and videos (although not at the level of Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve, Apple's Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro CC)

We get all that power with even better security than the macOS platform, and at a fraction of the price, with the option of choosing a matte screen, something that Apple unfortunately stopped offering many years ago.

In this book, you'll learn what the Chromebook platform really is, how to choose your keyboard, configure your languages and the best apps to write and translate. You'll also learn how to configure your documents to create ebooks and how to export them.

Editorial Review
"Allan Tépper is tireless in his quest to find the best working tools. Equally infinite is his desire to facilitate the use the Castilian language with maximum appropriateness.
In this new book, Chromebooks for bilingual writers, Tépper manages to merge his two passions, technology and the Castilian language, and offers a broad view into the world of Chromebooks for all bilingual writers, which makes it an indispensable guide in this globalized world.

Chromebooks for bilingual writers started out as a favor for a friend, and ended up being one of Tépper's mains concentrations for several months. The result? A collection of chapters that -- in a brief and precise way-- solves the doubts than can assault a bilingual writer in the midst of the creation process."

Irene Jiménez Miragaya, journalist
Audiovisual451, Madrid, Spain

This book is also available in other languages
Thes book is also available in Castilian (aka "Spanish") as Chromebooks para escritores bilingües and in French as Chromebooks pour écrivains bilingues.

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