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Secrets of Fitness 28 DAY

Secrets Of Fitness : Be sure the great body has secrets that many fitness people dont want to reveal


"For what?" you ask. Making it all the way to page 1?
Yes, exactly.
Congratulations for being motivated to start on your personal
transformation. And for trying to turn the page on everything
that has been holding you back.
That's amazeballs.
But, congratulations as well for being whoever you are right
now. People who are willing to take the first step toward life
transformation are the strongest people in the world.
The more struggles you've had, the stronger you can be.
 the kind of fitness I care most about is inside you.
It's in your mind.
It's in your heart.
And both of those are great places to find strength, because
you're in charge there. Nobody else can tell you what to do, or
who you are, or how strong you can be.
It's all up to you.
Can you screen out the noise in your life to hear what you
need to?
Can you push away the people that tell you it can't be done,
and decide for yourself what you can achieve?
Can you trust yourself to handle the stress of change? Can you
believe in your ability to succeed now, even if you've fallen short
You can see why I keep on going back to those two words.
They're the engines that get me out of bed every day, knowing
that I'll be a little farther along toward my goals by bedtime.
You may have to train yourself to trust yourself, and the time
to start that training is now. Not that every day will be great.
But, even if I have a disappointment or a setback or an injmy, I
know that trusting and believing will help me understand why I
failed, and I formulate a plan to overcome it.
It's a place where you'll gather life-changing tools and learn to
use them.
It won't happen quickly. Nothing worth achieving ever does.
But, I promise you that it's going to feel so good as you move
forward that nobody will be able to stop you.
So, don't rush the process. Enjoy it.
You have the power to turn your struggles into strenth
It all starts here.
Trust and believe: You can do this.

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