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The Story Teller

No Illustrations: Pdf: Table Of Contents: 36 Pages:

The Story Teller is a book of short stories, from the heart, for children 6 years, and adults.
Story One: Flowers for My Daughter. 583 Words:
Story Two: The Homeless Man. 745 Words:
Story Three: Ten Dollar Sneak. 734 Words:
Story Four: The Angel Named Tommy. 890 Words:
Story Five: The Hurt Bird. 934 Words:
Story Six: The Hurt Dog. 880 Words:
Story Seven: Helped The Boy Pass A Test. 925 Words:
Story Eight: Cat In A Tree. 699 Words:
Story Nine: They Let The Little Boy Play With Them. 1102 Words:
Story Ten: Help the Elderly Cross the Street. 904 Words:
There are no illustrations in this book, for the stories are all heart felt stories, that will touch your heart in many ways. The stories in this book could very well be about you.

A little preview.

Every Saturday morning at nine o'clock, all of the kids in the neighborhood would gather at Mr. Henry's house, after Mr. Henry had finished his coffee. This was because Mr. Henry was always a great storyteller; he told the best stories. Mr. Henry always wore a sailor’s hat with a bright red shirt and baggy brown pants. He was really funny too. His house was very colorful; white with red and green trim with shutters of pink that made it the prettiest house of them all.

As we all sat down around Mr. Henry on his front porch, one of the kids said, “Mr. Henry, what story are you going to tell us today?”

Mr. Henry replied, “I think I'll tell the one about the man who wanted to buy some flowers for his daughter.”

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