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eBook - Path of the Freelancer: An Actionable Guide To Flourishing In Freelancing

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Freelancing Is Difficult. Are You Ready For This Rewarding Challenge?

After the shutdown of his marketing firm, Jason Montoya unexpectedly had numerous business owners and non-profit leaders requesting his help to solve their organization's communication problems.

Facing numerous challenges as a new freelancer, he quickly integrated his business insights to move through the many familiar obstacles he faced. He then began sharing with other freelancers a framework of eight vital achievements, see below, that took him to a state of personal and vocational flourishing.

Behind these covers, he dives into these mile markers, unveils a blueprint, and shares personal stories to help guide and equip other freelancers in their difficult but rewarding journey.

  • "A comprehensive guide to achieving freelance success" - Ryan Battles, Co-Founder of Harpoon (A Freelancer's Financial Tool)
  • "Extremely perceptive and filled with valuable insight" - Keith Taylor, Professional Freelance Photographer
  • "An invaluable resource for both novice [& experienced] freelancers" -Toby Bloomberg, Social Media Specialist
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