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Explore Personal Values, Strengths & Behaviors | A5 Worksheet

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What is it that you truly want, deep down in your heart? What kind of life do you desire? Are you taking steps towards your goal? Or your own self-defeating thoughts, others’ judgement, and fears keeping you hesitant to living a life you values?

Regardless of the problems you’re experiencing—family conflicts, divorce, failing an exam, work situation, financial crisis, etc—you can still continues to live a meaningful life and overcome anxiety, fears, depression, low self esteem, confusion, sadness and more, by exploring your personal values, strenghts, and behaviors,

Personal Values help you navigate through the challenges of life, and fulfil your needs, desires, and objectives.

How to Use this Worksheet?

This two-page A5 worksheet helps you to explore your values and decide how can you use your strenghts and helpful behaviors in going about your day to day challenges. It consist of a list of questions and a rating scale to attain clarity and reach closer to taking steps in the right direction.

Print the worksheet out in A4 size, then cut out the sides of the worksheet and paste it on your fridge, journal, or room’s wall.

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