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Hope Springs Books 7-9 (3 paperbacks)

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Get books 7-9 in the Hope Springs series and save! (Comes as 3 separate paperbacks.) Includes FREE Hope Springs postcard!

Catch up with old friends and fall in love with new ones with books 7 to 9 in the Hope Springs Christian romance series.

Not Until Someday: The day Levi shows up to help renovate her bed-and-breakfast, Grace is sure of one thing—she and God must have gotten their wires crossed when she asked him to send Mr. Right to her doorstep. Because the motorcycle-riding, football-playing bad boy is the very definition of Mr. Wrong.

Not Until Now: Kayla has worked hard to regain her independence after her spinal cord injury, and she isn’t willing to give up that independence for anyone. Which is why she is willfully single, with no intention of dating, marrying, or starting a family—ever. But when she witnesses an accident in Hope Springs, she finds herself drawn inextricably into the life of the young girl whose mother is now in a coma—and the uncle she has to convince to take care of the girl.

Not Until Then: James came to Bethany's rescue the first day they met. So why can't she seem to remember his name? And why can't he seem to forget her?

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