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Veggie Power Meals - Well combined, raw vegan, super healthy dinner recipes

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If you want to feel full and satisfied while eating raw vegan food and to have easy digestion and effortless elimination at the same time - this recipe book is for you.

The secret of success is a good food combining and balancing of the nutrients. I made sure that you will get a well-rounded dinner every time you make a recipe from this book. Most recipes have one type of fat source, which make them filling and easily digestible at the same time. I also added some kind of greens to almost every meal. Many recipes contain even wild edible greens, which are the most nutrient-packed foods you can find.

And the most important - none of this dinner recipes contain sweet fruits, because combining sugar with fat causes many health issues, including blood sugar imbalances, gas and indigestion. Ignoring food combining principles is the biggest problem and the draw-back of the whole raw food movement today. That's why I am writing these recipe books - to give people a healthy alternative to the regular raw food recipes out there, many of which are badly combined and not so healthy.

All the recipes in this book are simple and easy to prepare. They don't require dehydrator, exotic ingredients, or superfood powders. All the veggies I use are easy to get in any supermarket or farmer's market. Although, if you use organic or, even better homegrown produce, all these recipes will taste even better!

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Simply Vibrant Recipes - Well Combined And Balanced Raw Vegan Recipes


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