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53. assignment (inelastic collision)

A manufacturer of barriers for racing circuits is testing the impact absorption capabilities of its new product. A 1000 kg (mb) barrier of the new material is installed in a test room and the friction coefficient of the barrier with the floor is μb = 0.8. A 100 kg (ms) steel block (considered infinitely rigid in comparison with the barrier) is accelerated by a hydraulic system which applies a constant force Fh = 1 kN for a time t1 of 3 seconds before releasing the block. The steel block slides on the floor with a friction coefficient of μs = 0.1. After a rectilinear motion for a distance Δx2 = 2 m (still on the same floor) the steel block hits the barrier. At the end of the test the engineers find that the barrier has moved by Δxb = 10 cm.

B. Now much energy is lost in friction before the impact?

1. Find the kinetic energy of the block ms, just before release. 

2. Find the energy transmitted to the block mb.
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