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Agents of The Emperor Collection Volume 1: 5 Science Fiction Short Stories

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The perfect action packed, enthralling addition to any sci-fi reader’s bookshelf!

Ship of Plague

A crashed shuttle. An infected ship. An apocalyptic threat.

The galaxy is filled with threats. Some more dangerous than others.

I crashed my shuttle (stupid thing). I find an infected ship. I need answers.

Can I discover what happened to the ship before the unthinkable happen? Or I fail and let trillions die?

If you love gripping, page turning fun science fiction short stories, you need to read this action packed mission!

Arbiter’s truth

Arbiter Veritas always gets her Truth. No matter the cost.

Sent into the heart of the space station. She must track down the strange energy signs. Before this energy becomes a danger to the thousands of lives on the station.

But is the truth as easy as it seems? And who's endangering the lives of thousands?

If you love thrilling fast-paced science fiction short stories with an addictive mystery. Then you need to read this!

Blade of The Emperor

In a galaxy filled with humankind's enemies. An assassin's blade must strike.

The assassin Minerva hunts down a dangerous Cult. She must end them. Before they can kill thousands.

Can she end the threat or will her personal history hold her back?

If you love action packed page turning science fiction. You will love this piece of Flash fiction!

Old One’s Wrath:

Two trapped soldiers. One ancient foe. No hope of escape.

In a galaxy filled with dangerous foes. One mistake can cost you everything.

Crashed on an ancient spaceship, Katrina and Locke are being hunted. Their foe will not stop until he kills them. There is only one hope for survival.

Can they reach their only hope before their foe finds them and kills them?

If you love action-packed science fiction short stories with a cat and mouse style hunt. Then you will love this!

Puppets and Masters:

An overpaid diplomat. A secret meeting. A fight for survival.

In the galaxy, sacrifices must be made.

Zalaman meets with aliens. He hates his mission. Zalaman knows the mission is doomed. Can he complete his duty?

Does Zalaman succeed and complete his duty? Or will he become another sacrifice in a game of cat and mouse?

If you love tense, page turning, gripping science fiction short stories. You will love this story!

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