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Hottie's Handbook eBook

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This is the eBook version of the Hottie's Handbook eBook.

In this tried & tested programme you will learn:
- A completely new way of eating never been shared by other nutritionists
- How to use the guided 10-week plan with food diaries & progress journal
- How to eat right, lose 10kgs in 10 weeks & change your body shape
- What are 'sexy' carbs & how to incorporate them in your daily diet
- How to use the given recipes & tools to make a lifestyle change for yourself & your family
- How to maintain your weight for life
- How to be more energetic & productive at work & life.

Get Fit & Healthy with Ahlaam Ali

Your Guide for a Healthier YOU


The Weight War….

Ok Hotties….We have all been overweight at some stage in our lives… If you are reading this book it is because you need to shed a few kgs or just want to know how to stay HOT...RIGHT?


Not to worry…this is exactly what we aim to do through this programme…
Most of you know me through my Powwer EatTM Weight loss programme, which has been around for the last decade now. You have probably either been part of it or heard of some of our fabulous success stories that we have had throughout the years….
I am constantly bombarded by emails, phone calls and text messages from my followers all around the world asking me to help them lose weight and to recommend various meal plans and some delicious calorie-controlled recipes.
This book is the answer to the millions of requests globally. It is specially written to help all of you Hotties out there to get fit and lose the weight whilst I can’t be there personally to work with you people one-on-one!

I have finally found the time to pen my programme as a “Get Fit and Lose Weight” guide and have included some of my favourite recipes so you can also enjoy getting fit and healthy as much as I do!!
This is a tried and tested programme and these are all personally created recipes that have helped thousands of people to lose weight on my programme.

Each of these recipes is a creative celebration of ingredients that I like to include in my daily food intake. Each ingredient is completely fresh, wholesome and bursting with goodness.

Everybody who contacts me has generally been on at least 3 diets before they come to me as a last resort. The good news is that ours is NOT A DIET!

It is a way of eating that is GUARANTEED to help you lose weight and KEEP IT OFF!

In short…
The reason I wrote this book is:

To get you HOTTIES off the Yo-yo Diets
And stay HOT, healthy and fit for life!!

Harley Street Wellbeing
Ahlaam Ali - H.I.Dip (Advance Nutrition) 

Master Life Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist (CHDip)
Master NLP & EFT Practitioner
Accredited member ACCPH
UK Mob: +44 7379 432 860
UAE Mob: +97155 9500094

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