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A Fresh Life: Coming Alive To Life

The truth is, none of us are getting any younger. I know that can be hard to hear, no matter what age we find ourselves at.

But it's true, life is this gift we've been given for a temporary (yet unknown) amount of time and that time is meant to be enjoyable and enjoyed.

It's meant to be fun, fresh, simple and alive <3

It's not meant to be stale, complicated, mundane or boring. 

It's not meant to be a struggle, stressful or difficult.

And yet for so many of us, life is something we have to just "get through" instead of something we get to enjoy.

I used to get fully bogged down in what looked like the "reality" of life. It wasn't actually reality (which is great news), it was just a ton of compelling thinking about how serious, structured, complex and difficult life had to be.

But because life is short and precious, let's not continue to fall for that misunderstanding, okay?

Instead let's see what we can see about what that apparent "reality" actually is, and where the freshness of life actually comes from.

There's an aliveness built in to every single one of us that feels blissful to relax into.

I want that for you.

And I know you can have it because I know you already are it.

There's just some misunderstandings in the way and once we shine the light on them they won't look the same.

I'll be sharing the most universal things I've seen about where freshness and aliveness comes from, how we can access it daily and what gets in the way :)

So no matter what area of your life you'd like to change, you'll know exactly where to look (and where not to look) to come alive again.

The good news is it's already within you, and tapping into it becomes effortless once you know where to find it.

There's really no other way to live.

We only have one precious life and we're meant to spend it feeling alive, fresh, lit up, in flow, in joy.

Your one precious life is hoping you'll say yes!

What you'll receive: lifetime access to the 12 A Fresh Life videos AND the audio version of the 12 videos (12 .mp3s) so you can listen anytime, anywhere.

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