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Are you brand spanking new to a mindfulness practice?

Have you heard of it, but you're not sure how to start being mindful? Or whether you can do it?

The truth is, it's a practice, meaning we choose to be mindful. 

This journal will take you through several guided mindfulness exercises and allow you to reflect on your progress through written journal activities. 

You are guided every step of the way, so it's perfect for beginners.

Benefits of mindfulness include:

Greater levels of peace and calm
Reduced physical effects of stress and anxiety
A deeper appreciation for life
Improved focus and concentration

These are just the beginnings of the wonders of mindfulness. 

Choose to start being mindful today.

Buy this journal and print it out.

You'll perhaps see improvements after the first practice, but if not, stick with it. Rome wasn't built in a day as the saying goes.

Sophie x

You will get a PDF (1MB) file
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