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If you are looking for a simple agribusiness to start in anywhere in the world with the lowest capital ever then you need to think snail farming. This is one sector of agribusiness that most people either neglect or do not know anything about. The Myth about snails has been that snails found in the market are those ones gotten from the forest by local farmers not knowing that many people who understand the secret about this business are actually making fortunes from snail business. Snail farming is one easiest farm you can combine with your paid job or any other business you are doing because snail farm does not require most of your active time and resources. Set up cost is very cheap, feeding is very cheap because snails eat virtually anything, and marketing is as simple as A-B-C because there are ready markets.

Snail farming is very lucrative and attractive. It is very popular mainly because of its delicious taste and nutritional value. Snail has a huge demand in the market both in Africa and anywhere in the world for its unique taste and nutritional value. It is a big business in countries like Australia, USA, UK, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and so on, in those countries also snails are seen in most stores meaning there is a very huge market for snails. Being a white meat, snails are preferred to red meats and even other white meat like chicken which are not completely out of red blood. Snail meat contain a high amount of protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A and very low in fat.

Another reason for snail farming business is its economic value. Some people consider the snail farming as a good money spinning venture. You can make good earning from snail farming within a very short time.

I have packaged a practical step by step guide that will demystify this business to you. here is what you get from this e-book
  1. What snails are                                                                                 
  2. Nutrients Found In Snails                                                                 
  3. Why Snail Farming Business                                                           
  4. The types of snails suitable for commercial farming                        
  5. Things needed to get started.                                                          
  6. Cost of establishing a snail Farm                                                     
  7. Earning Potentials of Snail Farming.                                                
  8. The suitable soil and environment to site your snail farm.                
  9. The sources of getting fresh snails to get started                             
  10. The Feeds for snails and how to get them.                                       
  11. The types of snail pen suitable to start and how to construct them. 
  12. How to access snail pen builders.                                                     
  13. Snail breeding and management                                                               
  14. Disease and disease control in a snail farm.                                             
  15. How to process snail meats                                                             
  16. How and where to market your snail products.                                
  17. Step –By-Step Guide on How to Start a Profitable snail farm                  
  18. Conclusion & Contacts

Here is a peep into what the earning potentials of snail farm business looks like:
Now the breeds of snails I will be revealing to you in this guide will lay an average of 200 eggs per clutch and will lay three times in a year.

Meaning that one snail will lay an average of 600 eggs in a year.

Let us assume that 150 eggs did not survive from laying to hatching and growing stage, so we have 450 eggs left from each snail.

Now let’s assume you started with only 100 snails.

And also assuming only 80 snails survives and lays egg for you in one year.

Your yearly production will be 80 x 450 = 36,000.

Average price of a snail in the open market is $1.2

Total income $1.2 x 36,000  =$43,200

Let us look at what it will cost you to start with 100 snails

1.     Cost of space  nil (owned)

2.     Snails-point of lay 100 @ $1.2 = $120

3.     Construction of snail pen $167

4.     Cost of Other Basic Material & tools $167

5.     Seven Months Feeding $28 x 7   $196

6.     Other cost   $83



Total income $43,200

Total cost       $733

Total Profit     $42,467

Using the same calculation, let us see your annual profit if you increase the number

1.     500 snail will be $42,467 x 5   $212,335

2.     1000 snail will be $42,467 x 10 = $424,670

get this guide today and make fortunes from snail farm business

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