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Shrima & Mia Sprain Waiting Room Foot Thief Gets Her Monkey Toes Tickled (HD 1920 X 1080)

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(English) Bad Girl Shrima knows how to make the most of her bad foot and long monkey toes hanging out of her half shoe. She's on her way to another podiatrist's waiting room to pull off her unique scam. Once there she encounters another patient, Mia with one foot bandaged and wearing a single flip flop. Shrima starts flipping through her phone looking as if she is deep in concentration. Meanwhile, Mia begins a conversation on her phone and tries to look away for some privacy. That’s when Shrima jumps into action. While Mia isn't looking Shrima uses her long money toes sticking out of her orthopedic half shoe to try to rifle through and pickpocket Mia's bag sitting on the couch. Mia turns back a few times, but each time Shrima immediately puts her bad foot down quickly enough not to reveal what she is doing because she is by now a pro at this scam. But Mia is on to her and the next time she reaches out and catches Shrima's foot in the act. Shrima tries to give some lame excuse about needing to exercise her back foot and flexing her toes. However, Mia doesn't buy it and she doesn't let go. She tells her she is going to get what she deserves and knowing from her own foot problem how sensitive Shrima's exposed sole and long toes probably are she begins relentlessly tickling Shrima's exposed thieving foot (with nice sole shots and closeups and from a variety of angles). Shrima squirms and tries to get her poor foot back but to no avail. Mia keeps tickling her long pretty toes until they curl. The Doctor calls for the next patient and Mia finally lets her go. All poor Shrima can do is limp away, but Mia immediately calls the police. We rate this a must-see showcasing Shrima's incredible long pretty toes.

LENGTH: 13 Mins
SIZE: 884 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 05/08/22
You will get a MP4 (883MB) file

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