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Emanuelle - Top model suffers a serious accident and breaks her leg

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Emanuelle - Top model suffers a serious accident and breaks her leg

Emanuelle is a Suicide Girls model and comes to the city of São Paulo to take a set of sensual photos for an important lingerie brand.

She arrives in São Paulo and stays in a beautiful penthouse in an upscale neighbourhood of São Paulo.

She puts on a very stylish look and wears a beautiful shoe with 15cm high heels. She goes to the top of the roof where she takes some photos in front of the pool. Soon after, she starts making faces and mouths on a beautiful and very high staircase that leads to the penthouse. When she is going down the penultimate step, her ankle turns, she feels a snap and her knee also twists and she falls to the ground, despairs and is no longer able to support her foot on the ground.

She moans in pain, jumping to the bedroom to call for help.

Emanuelle contacts a friend who tells her she's going to send a private doctor to her location.

The doctor arrives and notices the fractured ankle and twisted knee and warns that he will have to do a very large cast that will immobilize her entire leg.

The doctor starts making the cast and immobilizes her entire leg. She becomes calmer, her pain goes away a little and the doctor informs her that it will be 2 long months with this cast. She stops and thinks, calls the photographer and informs him that she had a serious accident and that she agrees to do the lingerie rehearsal with her leg in a plaster cast since the pain has gone and the fracture is immobilized.

She schedules the photo shoot for the next day. The next morning she has a nice breakfast, separates the lingerie with extreme care and goes to make her photo set with a plaster cast on her leg.

She uses some very beautiful and sensual models where, at the end of the day, they go to a beautiful square to take some outdoor photos for her portfolio.

The package contains 36 min of video:

- her posing for her Suicide Girls set

- the whole scene with high heels

- accident scene

- scenes of pain

- the doctor doing the whole leg casting procedure

- having breakfast

- putting on lingerie

- wearing sexy clothes

- going to take room and make some shoots in bedroom

You will get a MP4 (3GB) file
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