The Write Way to Well-Being: Guide and Workbook

by Nancy L. Seibel - Keys to Change, LLC

Give to Yourself  

In 2017, all purchasers are invited to join Write for You, a monthly, online writing event. I provide the prompts and facilitate the process. You get to relax and write privately, with others' companionship and support. 

The brief writing exercises in the Writing for Well-Being: Guide and Workbook help you to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Improve physical and mental health
  • Enhance well-being
  • Support workplace and academic performance
  • Strengthen social relationships

This workbook draws upon the pioneering work of James W. Pennebaker and others, which shows the effectiveness of specific, structured writing approaches in improving health, happiness and well-being. It includes guidance and prompts used with permission of psychology professor John Evans, Ed.Ds, as well as my own prompts, ideas and suggestions developed through my own work in leading others in writing for well-being.

It doesn't cost a lot to write for well-being. All you need is openness, interest, and something to write with.

It doesn't take a lot of time - writing for periods of 5-20 minutes at a time, at a frequency that suits your schedule brings beneficial results.

The workbook provides:

  • A brief introduction to writing for well-being;
  • Five chapters with directions and prompts for: Expressive, Transactional, Poetic, Affirmative, and Legacy writing 
  • A bonus chapter on Writing for Resilience, especially for service-centered professionals
  • A brief questionnaire to help you reflect on and learn from your writing experiences
  • Follow up suggestions for each chapter
  • References and Resources
  • Contact information for author, coach and consultant Nancy L. Seibel, M.Ed., NCC, BCC.

Give to Others: $1.00 from each sale is donated to the Ellicott City Partnership's Flood Relief Fund. A devasting flood severely damaged this Old Town Ellicott City community on July 29th, 2016. The recovery process is a long term one. Let's do some good together!



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