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Prodigal Sun

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"Prodigal Sun" Quantum Series: Book 5

Sheriff Peggy-Ann Muller suddenly found herself hip-deep in strange events – even stranger than usual. Something sinister had stirred in the shadows on the remote, usually idyllic (if slightly weird) little backwater Terran colony of Deanna – something very, very nasty.

Stretched thin by work pressure and the daily, frenetic meetings at the Governor's office as Atro City prepared to host the impending royal visit of Prince Justin, Peg had little time to invest in sideshows like claims that mysterious, sinister meetings had taken place at the university recently, and resolved to look into the curious increase in a peculiar sort of crime that had become all but extinct - the hate crime - as soon as her schedule would allow. But could it wait? Things only seemed to be getting worse!

Nobody seemed to have noticed when it had started, or how, but suddenly it had become startlingly plain that something very fundamental had changed. Without being noticed, hate had come to Deanna and had built a nest there, lined with all manner of horrid things. And where had all these skinheads suddenly come from?

A terrible plot was about to hatch! And when it did, the quirky residents of the third-rate colony would face a challenge unlike any they had seen before. Was there still time to stop it? Only Time would tell.

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