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Letters to My Sheep is a fast-paced yet intimate journey, in epistolary form, through a woman’s life with her four rescued sheep. The author combines her hands-on experience with sheep and her scholarly expertise to guide the reader as they learn about sheep subjectivity and animals’ intimate and social lives generally. Using language that is accessible to the general public, the Letters cover a broad range of topics, inclusive of, but not limited to, animal emotions, cognition, spirituality, culture, and prejudice, which singularly and jointly help elucidate human-nonhuman comparability and divergence. The text is accompanied by black and white photographs.

This is the ebook edition. You will receive an ePub file that you can open with your ebook reader app. A print edition is also available.

What people are saying:

‘Don’t be sheepish’ is an expression we have all heard but said with little knowledge of just who sheep are. I invite you to journey with Teya as she pens heartfelt Letters to My Sheep to find out! Many will be amazed to discover that no blanket description can cover them all. And that casting them as the dim-witted automatons our society and its wanting animal protection legislation has should leave us more than embarrassed. – Pam Ahern, founder of Edgar’s Mission

I never intended to sit here all evening and just read it, but I did. Sheep are infinitely more complicated than just about anyone thought before Teya put her brilliant mind (and heart) to work. This book is bristling with new and unique insights. I couldn’t put it down. – Jeffrey M. Masson, PhD, author of When Elephants Weep and Lost Companions


Letters to My Sheep is a book like no other. Through word and image, human and sheep behaviours are examined in vivid detail. Candid yet elegant, this book offers the reader a comfortable and safe space to contemplate our relations to other animals. – Carol Gigliotti, PhD, author of The Creative Lives of Animals


Read this book and laugh, cry, and sigh, and I'm sure you will come away with a new and enriched view of the vastly different personalities sheep display and how special each and every individual truly is. – Marc Bekoff, PhD, author of The Animals’ Agenda and The Emotional Lives of Animals

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