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100 Dollars per Day Method

By Prashant Shah
I will reveal my exact method that I use to make at least 100$ per day. Without much work.
There are total 3 methods and 2 bonus methods.
Make at least 100$ per day even without any experience - newbie friendly guide
Buy it now only for 10$ - limited to 10 people
You help people and get paid 100% whitehat methods

No money back guarantee - because it is a digital product . I have very bad experience with some scammers.
Still if you need refund, contact me and give me a genuine reason. I may refund you. Contact me within 24 hours of payment if you need refund.

Instant Download

How much can I make with these methods?
There are total 3 methods..If you choose to use just one method, you will be making 100$ per day

Do I need to invest anything?
There are total 3 methods. 2 methods don't require any kind of investment. Method 3 requires an investment of domain and hosting.
Do You Provide Support?
Yes. Email us - , or add us on Skype - Prashant.shah15

What this method doesn't involve:
NO Fiverr or Micro Gigs NO Building a list NO Building Membership Programs NO Adsense
NO Drop shipping

Reviews from DP members

netmarketing said: ?
PrashantShah gave me a review copy of his method on Skype. I really liked the method because it's fast, you actually help people in the process, you help them and you get paid, it's that simple. Again, it's fast and it's working! He also sent me video proof of his earnings so far, all legit. Anybody can do this!

kirpat10 said: ?
I am lucky to get review copy (on skype). It is really easy to earn $100/day . This is the best method to get fast earnings. If you are lazy than you can outsource to get 100% auto pilot income. After outsourcing all you have to do is login to your affiliate (Can't disclose site name) account and watch earnings. I can't explain in details about method like what it includes and which company you have to work etc. All I can tell is anybody can work who have basic internet knowledge.
Best working guide

Dean F said: ?
Hey mate,
Firstly I'd like to say Thank you for Giving me the review copy.

Okay here is my review :
The money source of this method is from Affiliate.
Because I only receive review copy he only told me 1 of 3 method.
The method that I received is very simple and everybody can do it! No Investment needed!
Just do some simple task and wait your earning come

Oh ya, the OP is very Friendly I like to talk with him
Good luck with your Sales!
mrsims89 said: ?
Ok folks, this is the very first review i have ever given on any internet marketing forum so here it is:First off, i didnt have that much of a clue what i was paying 10 dollars for, but the sales pitch intrigued me and sounded like something that even a newbie like myself can do so i took a chance. Here is what i got: a very simple way of making money and it wont take u much time to implement all the methods. As kirapat10 mentioned, you use an affiliate count to basically promote a kind of service to other internet marketers (mainly newbies im guessing or intermediates) who want start up a new site and u get commissions from it. The first two methods doesnt require any investments. The Third one requires hosting and domain so u can expand your niche even further which means the huge potential for more $$$. Thats all i can really say without giving too much away. Are these methods new/unique? im not sure cause im still new to internet marketing and the pros might already know about this, but these methods can be pretty effective when done correctly and wont be hard for anyone at any level of IM to do. Recommended? yes. It will be 10 bucks well spent and u can make that back plus more

WebBuddy said: ?
I must admit that PrashantShah's methods are complete no-brainers. Their brilliance lie in their simplicity. When you hear them you are like "I could have done that without someone telling me", but did you? No? For many people these methods will be completely new, some will say that they knew about them but most wouldn't have implemented them. The simplicity of the methods make them look so much less daunting and can get any noob started in a second.

The 3 methods he told me about, they are all whitehat actually. Nothing gray about them. Scammers and spammers can turn everything into a spam, but PrashantShah's methods show easy starting points and then you can build up a more credible line of work/business from there. I found it to be worth my money.

One method is especially newbie friendly, though with a little bit of work, all 3 can be implemented by someone who has very little experience.
All three methods can be used by intermediaries who have some working knowledge and struggling to make money.

The biggest plus point is that OP is very nice to talk to and helpful. I wish him luck with this venture of his.


Newbie : 9.5/10
Intermediaries who are looking for new inspiration : 9 /10
Experts : 5/10

OP's interaction style: 10/10

mansea1 said: ?
I purchased this from Prashant this morning and I agree with everything stated in the post above. I wont try to add much to the review itself because everything I would have said, has been said.

However, what was most refreshing about this was the interaction with Prashant. Usually when you buy an ebook or software here or on Warrior Forum or even Clickbank, you have no immediate access to support. If you get stuck, your only route for help is via 'support' which can take hours / days to respond. Here, during Skype chat, Prashant made absolutely sure I was understanding what he was telling me about each method before we moved on. 'Do you have any more questions?' 'Shall I move on now to the next method?' This is a most unusual approach to find on this kind of forum, so I would just say a big Thank You for such clear explanations. Additionally, Prashant is online several hours per day for help and he is a very easy guy to chat with!

I agree that these are simple methods to implement. One does require some research and another requires a simple SEO strategy but that one could be outsourced as a 'one-off' as thereafter, it will run on auto-pilot. You really dont need much in the way of tech or IM skills to make these work. As the previous poster stated, these are no-brainer methods.

I hope to be able to post some positive results on this thread fairly soon.


Heffweizen said: ?
Hey guys...

I came on to leave a review, but I really can't say more than what's already been said!

It's 3 methods that revolve around one company. They are all viable. The first 2 method involve hardly any investment at all. The third one may cost a bit for outsourcing...depending on your skill set, but can be a big time earner.

Lastly...the author is fantastic and very good at making sure you understand what to do...

Great job.

I will try it out this week and report back.
nicbos said: ?
Hello guys, this is my personal review.

Prashant is a nice guy, and his methods are no-fluff and straight to the point.
All three methods are based on one company, that brand is actually very solid and it is definitely a good choice if you are willing to make some money by promoting their products using affiliate links.

The method one is actually quick and very doable, it requires minimal efforts and can be done in spare time. I would say it can be done in 1-hour per day and can produce at least 1-sale per day, which is not bad to start.

The method two comes with a bonus. It requires some more work if compared to method one, but no investment is necessary to do that. It has good potential but must be marketed a bit more, because it involves extra-job to go into the bonus part, which is obviously the one who has a lot of potential. Let's say it can be started with a couple hours per day of work, but it may become a full-time work if properly marketed. Anyway the potential for this one is $120/day which is - in fact - a full-time salary.

The method three requires a monetary investment, and some SEO stuff to be properly marketed. Personally I would not dive into the method three until the first two methods have been completely done. On another side, method three aims for long-term and once established can yield solid income during the months to come.

That's it.
My personal vote is POSITIVE.
Methods are well-explained, and can be done with minimal to no-experience (the method one and two).

All the best, and thanks Prashant!

hynoaio said: ?
I am lucky to get these free 3 different methods free from Preshant.

All these methods are about the make commission from the most reliable company(however you can choose the others as you want).

The #1 method is actually no brainer. It requires nothing except for the time you put effort. The more money you spend, the more commission you get.

The #2 method is really amazing me. Preshant gave me a trick to find the target buyers and "force" them to buy the product via you for their sake. He also give the clue to earn more $ from these buyers.Creativity will make you lot of money with this method.

The #3 method requires to buy domain and hosting for the review site about the product you are promoting. He didn't go deeply how to drive traffic to the site.

In a nutshell, with the first 2 methods you WILL definitely make money without any investment. Highly recommend.

ashley.2328 said: ?
My review:

I purchased this yesterday and here is my un-biased review.

"There are 3 methods in total. First 2 are extremely easy to do and require no website at all. These 2 methods are perfect for newbies. Persistence is the key with these 2. You gotta be consistent. You can start seeing income within first 2 days of starting this and there are ways to scale it once you get the hang of it. I see no reason why you wont be making money from it. Its simple and it works. Personally, I plan to do the first method and scale it.

Third method : requires you to have a website and do some work before money starts to come. But I believe, many of you will not bother touching this method because first two provide instant results and are long term methods. "

The guy himself is extremely helpful. He explained everything on skype to me and answered all my questions. Throughout our chat, my main question was - "WHY ARE YOU SELLING IT SO CHEAP ?"

He probably doesn't know the potential of this. Anyways, get it while its still on sale.

Good luck OP, you have taken KISS (keep it simple stupid) to a new level.

you have any questions?
Skype - prashant.shah15
email -
or PM me.

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