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Emma SLWC (Term) with Toe Plate Navigating a Crowded New Gallery Opening With Her Exposed Toes (HD 1920X1080)

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Emma Term SLWC with Toe Plate Navigating a Crowded New Gallery Opening With Her Exposed Toes
Statuesque Emma is at a crowded art Gallery opening and not letting her constantly casted condition stop her from wearing a higher heel as she towers over most people at the show even as she gimps around on her unbalanced cast heel using a crutch-cane to steady herself she tries not to look self-conscious about her plastered foot as people gawk at the art and her polished bare toes as she gimps around. She checks them out a number of times to see if they are presentable and that they don't get stepped on in the crowd the toe plate at least helps keeping her long pretty toes clean. And she finds a chair near a wall to sit and wiggle her exposed toes to relieve her casted foot. Someone stops her to talk and also takes a quick glimpse of her casted foot. Finally, when she has had enough art and stares, she decides to put on her coat and go never letting on to being self-conscious about her exposed cast foot in such a large crowd.

TIME: 11 Mins
SIZE: 726 Mb
RESOLUTION: 1920x1080
DATE: 01/12/23

You will get a MP4 (709MB) file

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