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Prevent and Erasing Cancer

Dear Readers, 

Good day to you all. 

Now there's a new revolutionary method that would help you ride and prevent your body off cancer cells complete.

My Ebook will help you understand the nature of cancer and how to ride your body off it. Information and knowledge is power. 

You may be asking why I am sharing to You this research; the reason would become clear later when I introduce You to the simple way to protect Yourself from these cancers. I have tried to keep the technical and medical references in this book as easy to understand as possible so that anyone reading will be able to follow the principles discussed... I have added chapters with the real science for those who want to understand more but in essence I have tried to keep the information in this book as easy to understand as possible. 

I found the science of genetics fascinating and at that time it was a relatively new field in Africa so it was exciting to be researching and learning such cutting edge knowledge. And also many people in Africa who had cancer didn’t have access to treatment because there were no proper or standard centers and even if they were, people couldn’t afford them. 

I was also thinking of the 90-10 painful, dangerous and expensive curative procedures cancer patient go through e.g chemotherapy etc. This is where my interests and research of  how to "prevent and eliminate cancer" really began... 

For more information email me at or call me on (+234) 08027182642. 

Together we can; let's end cancer for life and  Remember that  "YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH" ; staying alive for your loved ones means the world to them. 

Yours Richard 

 ISBN 978-1-329-68858-2


Q1. Does this new discovery and Revolutionary method of preventing and eliminating cancer involve any punishing or life style change? 

ANS: Not at all. 


Q2. Is it going to be painful with side effects or will it involve the use of injection or medications? 

ANS: Not at all. 


Q3. I bet this new revolutionary and preventive method would be very expensive, right? 

ANS: Not at all. 


Q4. This book with so much wealth of information would cost a fortune? 

ANS: Not at all... Considering that our research costs some amount of funds to bind and bring it to you in one piece (Ebook), it will only cost a token ( more like a financial donation, fund raiser or support for our research-work towards propelling a better health Network.

Cost in USD$: 2 (Dollar) 

Cost in NGN#: 100 (Naira) 



Q5. Are these discoveries and new revolutionary method revealed in this e-book exclusive to only cancer patients and cancer diseases alone? 

ANS: No... It also works for most illnesses and even as a preventive method toward illnesses. 


PLEASE NOTE: This book is not meant for the diagnosis of any ailments; please visit a doctor, qualified practitioner or a proper health centre for proper diagnosis. 


Cost in USD$: 2 (Dollar) 

Cost in NGN#: 100 (Naira) 

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$ 2.00

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