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By bin liu
Fast-forwarding Reality TV to its logical extreme, an unemployed documentary filmmaker extraordinaire arranges to have an execution broadcast live on pay-per-view television, in as flamboyant a form as his bizarre vision can conjure to amuse the masses.

Convicted of the serial killings and mutilations of a number of South Beach gay residents, Randall Snell — a former altar boy infamously dubbed the Killer Castrator by the television media — fatalistically awaits his end on death row.

When Snell’s overstarched attorney, Conrad Rangefork Thistle III, pontificates on CNN that his client has the right to choose by which method he’s put to death, eccentrically brilliant and perpetually unemployed documentary filmmaker Dov Montana sees an opportunity. He teams up with Lerz Feingold, programming director at pay-per-view reality TV outlet ’Tude Entertainment, and together they plan to bring reality TV to its logical apotheosis.

The equation seems simple enough: Conrad Rangefork Thistle III ostensibly believes that the climate of debate that would ensue from a return to public executions will secure his client a stay of execution. Lerz Feingold, despite his tenuous relationship with Montana, sees an opportunity to catapult ’Tude Entertainment to the top of the ratings. But for Dov Montana, payoff lies not at the top but rather at the bottom, where he’s determined to expose the grazing herds of mediocrity that sit stuffed in front of their TV trays, infected by the insipid notion of reality TV and “news as entertainment.” The Nielsens, as he refers to them, are Montana’s target; the Killer Castrator, along with Conrad Rangefork Thistle III and Lerz Feingold, just means to an end.

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