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By Ejob Nathanael E.
In a time of strife to keep peace between two tribes, a craft is born. A unique art of steel, acrobatics and sorcery intermingled and born from the lore of a once great general..
Gifted by the Great spirits, two individuals every one hundred years are blessed . Two persons who represent the true vitals of the cosmos--Good and Evil. In every age, these two forces must be locked in conflict for there to be balance and in each generation, only one force shall prevail until the cycle starts anew. Men were the playthings of the great spirits...
These two in their struggle to maintain natural order place their very relationship at risk....
Even so, there arises a great warlord who seeks out power for himself, to conquer all the known realms of the world, to thwart the will of the great spirits and end the cycle....
Somehow his machinations are proving fruitful...
In this age of conflict, who will stop him? who can?

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