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King (Executioners 3)

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Andrew King’s life wasn’t what he’d expected it to be. At 26 he was a single dad who drove his rig to make ends meet and played in his band Executioners on the weekends. He’d been fifteen when his girlfriend of a month told him she was pregnant. King saw himself being a husband and father one day because that’s what was expected, but he hadn’t seen it happening so soon. Their parents gave them one choice, they’d stuck it out a few years and at seventeen he became a single dad when she went off to college. He loved his son more than anything and they’d quickly fell into a life of just the two of them, well, not just the two of them there was Lincoln too.

Lincoln Church lived for his nephew and his teaching job. While King his ex-brother-in-law worked driving a truck most of the week Mal lived with him. It was the closest Linc would ever come to being a dad. The only bleak spot in his life was his feelings for King who would never reciprocate. It wasn’t so bad because he still had King and Mal in his life and that meant the world to him.

A stupid accident and a broken leg sidelined King, keeping him off the road. When King needed help Lincoln rushed in, could he keep himself from acting on the attraction he’d had to Lincoln or would he fuck things up the dynamic of their little weird family?

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