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"On The Wing" A Song Cycle In Celebration of Birds

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Performed by Krista River, mezzo-soprano and George Lopez, piano
On the Wing, A Celebration of Birds is a song cycle which celebrates nature, creativity and its connection to the human spirit. The cycle includes twelve songs set to original poetry about birds written by poet Mary Pinard.
Since the dawn of time humans have seen birds as symbols of inspiration, beauty and wonderment. Among these symbols are: love, fidelity, freedom, spirituality, naturalness, constancy, independence, adaptability, innocence, creativity and a deep expression of the human spirit. This song cycle addresses these symbols and takes the listener on a personal journey through the many images represented by birds.
I envision On the Wing as a community-building tool to help bring people together to celebrate, study and to take personal responsibility to insure the continuation of birds and their habitat. “On the Wing” explores numerous topics about birds, including their traits, vocalizations, migrations, environments, vanishing species, and address themes of conservation, ecological stewardship, and species preservation.
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