Becca Gillen

Hi everyone! Here you'll find a range of E-books to suit your Fatloss goals. 
1. Beginners Guide to Nutrition - no calories or macros. Here we cover the basics of nutrition and how to reach you Fatloss goals without weighing foods or counting calories.
2. Home Workout Guide - 8 week bodyweight home workout guide that can be done from home. Youtube videos provided for each exercise. 
3. Flexible Dieting - Calorie & Macro tracking. Here we focus on finding a suitable calorie deficit to suit you and your fatloss goals. Full MyFitnessPal guide, x3 different macro&calorie templates plus sample meal plans to get you started. 
4. 12 Week Gym Based Workout Guide - for those of you who are ready to move onto weights, or want a gym based programme focusing on Strength & Conditioning. Youtube Videos provided for each exercise.
5. The Glute Guide (with Sarah Moloney) - 12 week gym based training guide for developing your Lower Body (and Glutes in particular).