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If a page is active on Instagram that has exactly the same activity as your page; But the number of followers, the number of Instagram post likes and comments are much more than your page, buying Instagram mentions (خرید منشن اینستاگرام) can help you to increase the number of followers. Some sites, including My Member, have made it possible for their customers to add a large number of mentions to their post by just giving the address of the page they want their followers to know about their page. It is better to know that in this method Instagram users are mentioned under your posts with different accounts.

. One of the latest things that has been added to the Instagram algorithm is the saving of the desired post, which is currently very popular among bloggers and influencers. To increase Instagram saves, you must either produce attractive content with a high quality level or buy Instagram saves (افزایش سیو پست اینستاگرام). Increasing Instagram saves will make your content appear in Explorer, and as a result, the number of followers, likes, and comments will increase, and this will increase the growth of your page. You should buy these purchasable saves from reliable and at the same time guaranteed sources such as the My Member site so that the money you spend will be effective and cause an increase in saves on Instagram.

Also, buying Instagram followers will directly play an important role in the growth of the page and ultimately increase your income, especially if you buy real followers. Because real followers interact with your page and may become your customers. Since fake followers never leave your page, it increases the number of your followers and ultimately adds to the credibility of your page.