“I AM NOT A SINGER NOR A RAPPER Through his experiences, he has had the pleasure of working with top professionals and meeting many more producers like: Charles Farrar, Buck Wild (from D.I.T.C.), Troy Taylor, Roger “Buddah” Monroe, Jaz-O, Dr. Period, Cool G Rap just to name a few. After working in NYC for several years, Bennie found his way back to Georgia and started BRIM Audio, Inc. From 2005-2012 BRIM Audio, Inc. offered free services to anyone who wanted to learn about audio and signal flow on Saturdays at Connor’s Temple Baptist Church (Savannah, GA). Attendance was slim and only a few stayed to explore digital audio recording. B.R.I.M. (Brains and Rhythm Igniting a Movement) was the first album that was put out by BRIM Audio, Inc. in 2008. B.R.I.M. (Brains and Rhythm Igniting a Movement) album was a politically conscience effort in expressing the frustrations of being young and black in the United States of America. Emotional Connection, the latest album, is a musical compilation just like the B.R.I.M. release in 2008. As Bennie wrestled with the idea of releasing the songs found on the Emotional Connection album, he has expressed that this album is the last one that he will do on this level. In an effort to raise money to finish the documentary on his dad’s life’s work and support himself in Los Angeles he has decided to release these songs, trusting his friends, associates, family and enemies would pay $3 dollars for a download of BRIM’s second album “Emotional Connection”.