Borut Lesjak

Borut Lesjak is an intuitive healer and author from Slovenia. Since childhood, he has been drawn to grok the mystery of existence. During the vulnerable years of his carefree youth, he awakened to the awareness of death and life, discovering a gift of claircognizance. Life hard-rocked the sensitive adult Lesjak to a state of hopeless haze until he ignited an inner choice to heal himself. Breathwork meditation coupled with creative expression opened his heart and mind to restore his innocence. Grounded by realness larger than life, he found his calling by bringing clarity, compassion, integration, and joy to this beloved planet for all to experience.

After residing and working in Australia, USA, Mexico, and Paris, France, he is now back in Slovenia growing roots with his wife and three children, offering healing work and writing books. He loves to dream, drive, travel, and hike. He is having fun.