Brad S. Smith

Hi, I’m Brad S. Smith and my life’s work is helping men bring out the best in their relationships with women. I do that with pride and passion. I did not start out as a pro, and I struggled with this stuff until I decided I had gone through enough pain. I then spent several years figuring this stuff out. I enrolled into some online coaching programs and laid my hands on almost every dating and relationships book I could lay my hands on. I did a lot of practical experiments that gave me some exciting ahhaaa moments. Even today I still do practical research and follow closely the successful relationships and dating coaches. Pick Up Artists are not left out too for the kind of people that I watch closely even though I'm not a fan of total reliance on their tactics. Still I learn a lot from anyone and any situation. That makes my work very qualitative and reliable as it is based on thorough research from a big domain. My other advantage is that I'm an avid reader, reading on average of 3 books per week! I hope that this subject will become a bachelors degree level of study one day. Why not? This is a matter of 'happy life' and 'life of misery' for a lot of men out there.It is stuff that can build or destroy our confidence. Without confidence we all know that success becomes very limited in life. That's because the only person who can limit how far you can go in life is none other than oneself. It happens that the limiting is done through lack of confidence. And the subject that I help with helps to build the confidence of men in their lives, be it be in the bedroom, in social situations, business, etc. A man who is confident and successful with women is normally also successful in other spheres of life as well. That is because for one to make it like that, they must be good with influence and persuasion, they must be likable, they must be charming, which are very important attributes for anyone's success in life. It is very fair for me to say that I know and am in command of what I talk about in my works, whether books or otherwise. This stuff is practically proven and it works regardless of whether you are black, brown, or white, good looking or not, rich or poor, and gay or lesbian! It is non segregative, and is for everyone to share and enjoy. I'm generally also big on anything to do with personal development. Remember that we are what we are because of what goes through our mind - which also says that how far we go in our life is a result of our attitude. My motivation comes from being able to help change the world one step at a time. I believe that the challenges that I used to face gave me a lot of insights and valuable lessons, and its my responsibility to share those lessons with fellow men who are still in those situations. I used to struggle a lot with relationships issues until I cracked the code after a lot of hard work. Fortunately for you, you won't have to work as hard as I did or suffer the pain I went through, all because I'm willing to share my learnings with others for the common good and development of us all. As a North American citizen, I'm always appreciative of the freedoms that we have here. It allows us to help ourselves and others to a very great extent. So my life's mission is to help others using the resources my geographical location allows me to. In short, my role is to help men achieve success with their women folks, and I enjoy doing it 24/7 - 365 days... For more insights on various topics to do with dating, love and relationships, please go to my website and even enroll into my email list so you can get my articles delivered right into your inbox for free. Let's go get them!