Carlos Be

Carlos Be is one of Spain’s most prolific contemporary writers. Born in Barcelona in 1974, he began a career in medicine, but then abandoned his studies to concentrate on theatre. He is a director as well as a playwright, most notably for the Zombie Theatre Company, with whom he produced Noel Road 25 in 2005. Carlos Be has won a number of awards for his work, including the Caja España Theatre Prize in 2001 for Noel Road 25 and the Born Theatre Prize in 2006 for Origami. Be often collaborates with theatre companies and directors abroad to stage his work internationally; for example, the first production of his award-winning play Origami took place in Prague. Similarly, Amén was first staged as a full production in Venezuela.

Carlos Be’s plays typically explore issues such as abuses of power, religious hypocrisy and flawed human relationships. A number of his plays focus on homosexual characters, dramatising conflicts these characters have with one another or with the repressive society in which they live. The relationships between his characters are often very troubled, defined by cruelty, power struggles and indifference. (written by Gwynneth Dowling - Out of the Wings)

Last update: April, 1st 2011