Chrystian Dozza

Chrystian Dozza is one of the leading lights of the new generation of Brazilian instrumental musicians, a brilliant young guitarist/composer whose talents have been widely displayed and rewarded He has three recorded CDs: Songs from the Land (2006), Fantasia Mineira (2010) and Despertar (2014), made up of his original compositions and creative arrangements of Brazilian classics. Dozza has won many important contests, such as the Concurso Nacional de Violões Musicalis, Concurso Novos Talentos da Música Erudita and the Concurso Violão sem Fronteiras that cover all kind of guitar music, and are awarded at the renowned Festival Assad. He also won the prize for best instrumentalist of the XIV Prêmio BDMG Instrumental, one of the most important awards within the Brazilian instrumental music community, and was among the winners of the composition contest Concurso de Composição para Violão Solo - Novas #2. Besides performing as a solo artist, Chrystian also plays with a chamber music group, Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet, and with the guitar trio Trio Opus 12 alongside Paulo Porto Alegre and Daniel Murray. Chrystian Dozza is also a guitar teacher at EMESP - Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo. He will be making his North American debut with Interntional Guitar Night in January/February 2017. “Chrystian Dozza is, today, one of the great compositional talents of Brazilian guitar.Chrystian's song catches the listener's attention by its diversified quality and, many times its innovative quality as well. There are many references in his music, but all of them adapted to his refined personal view. With his combination of formalism and freedom, Chrystian gives us pieces that will certainly make their way into the traditional repertoire of the Brazilian guitar scene.” Sérgio Assad. "I love what Chrystian is doing! It is a fundamental contribution for guitar and for Brazilian music, through a modern and authorial repertoire. A work that is inspired and has a unique freshness, very pleasant to listen to and play. Brazilian instrumental music is richer with the collection of these wonderful pieces. I am filled with pride seeing this work done because there are only a few people who are creating original and interesting work. And this is worth its weight in gold.” Paulo Bellinati