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Fold up & flapping

Videos featuring empty pant legs being folded in various ways or flapping are commonly requested.


Amputees and their heels are a stunning combination. Most viewed are heels with 3 inches and above.

Original audio

Although uncommon, there is already a considerable collection of original audio videos featuring cocostump. These include karaoke sessions, interviews, and free-form speech explaining audio.

Pantyhose & stockings

Cocostump frequently explores the topic of pantyhose and stockings in various styles. What is your preferred choice among them?


Videos focusing on prosthetics have found a niche audience, but they boast fantastic and dedicated fans.

Stump play

It always needs two, three or even four amputees to put their stumps together and play with them. A hot topic for all devotees.


Upskirt videos need basically a camera on the crutch and a second camera from the front. Aligning both videos is a challenging task, but the outcomes are truly impressive.