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Lucy right above the knee amputee
Hello, I'm Lucy
Hello, I'm Lucy, a 29-year-old woman who has embraced life as a right above the knee amputee for the past 8 years. Standing at 5'2" and weighing 55kg, I navigate the world with a positive attitude and a shoe size of 7.My style is a refl...
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Greetings! I'm Angela
Greetings! I'm Angela, a 34-year-old trailblazer who refuses to be defined by life's challenges. Eight years ago, a motorcycle accident altered my path, leading to the loss of my left leg. But instead of letting adversity hold me back, I've embraced ...
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Coleen right hemipelvectomy amputee
Greetings! I'm Coleen
Greetings! I'm Coleen, a vibrant 25-year-old on a journey defined by resilience and passion. Two years ago, life threw me a curveball when I underwent the amputation of my leg and part of my hip due to a tumor. Standing at 165cm with a shoe size of 9...
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Hello there! I'm Eloisa
Hello there! I'm Eloisa, a 25-year-old with a passion for modeling, fashion, and exploring the wonders of the world. Standing tall at 172cm, I stride through life with a shoe size of 39. However, my journey has been marked by resilience, as nine year...
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Happy left above the knee amputee
Hello, I'm Happy
Hello, I'm Happy, a 30-year-old woman who embraces life with a positive spirit. Three years ago, I experienced a challenging chapter in my journey due to a vehicle accident, resulting in the amputation of my left leg. Standing at 165 cm tall, I find ...
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Jewel left above the knee amputee
Hello, I'm Jewel
Hello, I'm Jewel, a 27-year-old determined individual who has overcome challenges with a positive mindset. Six years ago, I lost my leg in a motorcycle accident, but that hasn't stopped me from pursuing my dreams. Currently, I'm enrolled in an entrep...
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Vernie right above the knee amputee
Hello, I'm Vernie
Hello, I'm Vernie, a determined individual on a journey to reclaim a sense of normalcy in my life. At 44 years old, I faced a significant challenge when I lost my leg to a blood infection following a motorcycle accident 17 years ago. Undeterred by th...
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Hello, I'm Janin
Hello, I'm Janin, a 27-year-old who, for the past 7 years, has embraced life as a Left Above the knee Amputee (LAK) following a challenging motorcycle accident. Soon after the incident, my leg was amputated at a high level due to severe infection. St...
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Bella left above the knee amputee
Greetings, I'm Bella
Greetings, I'm Bella, a spirited 38-year-old LAK (Left Above the knee Amputee) who faced a life-altering experience 19 years ago due to a vehicular accident, resulting in the loss of my leg. Throughout these years, I've embraced my journey as an ampu...
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Laure double hand amputee
Hello, I'm Laura
Hello, I'm Laura, a resilient individual who has faced and overcome adversity. At the age of 11, I experienced a traumatic incident involving a violent dispute over land, resulting in the loss of both my hands. Despite enduring 25 knife wounds, I mir...
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Rianne one of each foot and hand amputee
Hello there! I'm Rianne
Hello there! I'm Rianne, a determined 22-year-old who hasn't let the absence of my right hand and foot since birth hinder my zest for life. Currently relying on crutches due to a broken prosthetic, I navigate the world with resilience and a positive ...
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Kisha right above the knee amputee
Hello, I'm Kisha
Hello, I'm Kisha, a vibrant 30-year-old woman who faced a life-altering event a decade ago when I lost my right leg above the knee in a motorcycle accident. Despite the challenges, I've embraced this journey as the beginning of a new and fulfilling c...
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Nicole double hand amputee
Hello, I'm Nicole
Hello, I'm Nicole, a 24-year-old with a unique journey as I've been without hands since birth. My life's purpose revolves around supporting my family and fellow amputees. If I were granted a wish, I would love to embark on a meaningful journey with m...
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Tiny left above the knee amputee
Hello, I'm Tiny
Hello, I'm Tiny, a 31-year-old on a unique life journey. Six years ago, I underwent an above-knee amputation on my left leg due to a tumor. Despite this challenge, I navigate life using crutches, as I currently do not have a prosthetic leg. My wardro...
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Tyra right above the knee amputee
Hello, I'm Tyra
Hello, I'm Tyra, a 44-year-old with a unique journey. Thirteen years ago, I faced a circulation disorder that led to the amputation of my right leg above the knee. Despite this challenge, I've embraced life with crutches and have a preference for ele...
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