Credit RX

I'm Jacquelyn Calloway, Owner of The Credit RX. I am super passionate about teaching others how to live financially FREE. I give you a prescription for OVERALL financial wellness...pieces to the puzzle if you will. I love credit repair and yes that is one piece...but there are others as well. Got paid on Friday and broke on Monday? I can help. Need help creating a budget? I can help. Tired of paying rent when you can be owning your own home? I can help. Want to get out of debt? I can help that too.

I've experienced and seen in others the devastating impact of poverty, low credit scores, and lack of financial literacy. Because of this, I am making it my life's mission to help educate others on how to break the cycle and achieve financial wellness.

My story began just like so many of yours. I wanted to buy something...but did not know that without a great credit score, I would be either denied credit or be penalized by being charged outrageous interest rates. My first meet with Credit was in 2008. I wanted to buy a home for my two beautiful children Milton and Asia. I wanted more for my children than I had growing I decided to apply for a loan to buy my first house. Easy enough right? WRONG! My application was DENIED because my credit score was in the mid 500s and I needed a 640. Not only denied, but no-one could tell me what to do to fix it!!! It didn't matter how much I made on my job, how much money I had...because my score was considered "poor", I found out that CREDIT IS KING!

So my journey in credit repair began. I began reading books and learning everything I could about credit repair. I started calling creditors, paying off debt, disputing inaccurate items and eventually raised my score to the 640 needed and was approved for my first home!!! Here's the catch...yes I did get approved which means I now have a new home...but my INTEREST RATE (how much extra I will pay for borrowing this money) would be much higher than if i had a 740 score. What this equates to is me having to pay $100 or more per month than a person with a 740 score. YIKES!!!

Little did I know, that even back then, God was preparing me for my journey to help others do the same. I am so grateful for my journey. Know that you are not alone in this!
Jacquelyn has a degree in Business Administration and is a Board Certified Credit Counselor.

If you have an audience that could benefit from Financial Inspiration, Motivation and Empowerment, let Jacquelyn inspire your group. Visit us online at Or email