Daddy After Dark

Chelle Mueller does not exist. Or rather, she does by another name out in a world that still struggles to understand alternative relationships and sexuality. The pen name may be false, but the story of my relationship is very true. This experience changed me. Sometimes in the middle of an otherwise stable life, a hurricane comes along and upends everything you believed to be true about yourself, your life, and your inner emotional landscape. My hurricane was "Dr. John Martz," the husband of a dear online friend. Our unexpected meeting on Facebook was a turning point in my life. John and I bonded quickly, deeply and explosively. He showed me a side of myself I had never suspected to exist, and in the process, he learned things about himself he had never known. John and I are the living embodiment of fire meet gasoline. In a perfect storm of personality, life history and shared sexual kink, the intensity of the flames we generated as a couple threatened to burn our respective worlds to the ground. For three mad months, I would have followed John straight into hell if he would have asked me to. I loved him. I still do. A part of me will forever be John's "Pixie Girl."