Dainty Delights Art

Welcome to Dainty Delights Art store. Here you may purchase my drawings as DIGITAL prints. This route is an instant & less costly way to own my art. These image files can be transformed into PRINTS for framing & other DIY projects. 

Dainty Delights is the passion behind creator Angel Dykes. Angel does her best to live daily with gratitude despite a number of health challenges. Born with a very rare type of short stature (Primordial Dwarfism) Angel stands in at 4ft 5in tall and weights a "dainty" 50lbs! Despite her small frame, Angel's spirit/personality are often described as "Big, Sassy, & Tenacious".

Since 1998 Angel has lived a brave battle with ESRD (end stage renal disease) She also requires a breathing ventilator 80% of her waking hours to help expel harmful Co2 that builds up in her body without it. When on this breathing machine, she is unable to speak and relies on typing as her main way of communication

In 2017, Angel started drawing as a creative escape. Three times a week, she must travel to Clarkson Hospital in Omaha, NE for Hemo-Dialysis. Each treatment takes 3.5 hours. By watching Youtube videos and taking online classes, she discovered a natural but hidden talent for drawing. This outlet has become a HUGE blessing in her life. Daily she tries to practice her God-given gift. Sharing her art with others has become a true delight and source of hope for her during dark days.

"Your support means the world to me. By investing in my talent, you'll become part of a motivating force that gives me purpose to keep pressing forward, despite the many challenges I face daily!

♥ Blessings... 
(Å)ngel  (psalm 91:11)