Dainty Delights Art

Greetings! Welcome to my store. Here you may purchase my drawings as DIGITAL prints/files vs. physical prints. This route is an instant & less costly way to own one or many of my pieces.
After purchase you may download your DIGITAL print/file.

A few ideas on how to use these files: 1) Your Computer wallpaper/screen saver.
2) My JPEG files print out nicely as 8x10.
(I recommend printing a physical copy with your home printer
or uploading it to a digital print service.)
3) You could also print it out to make a greeting card for someone special.
Really, the possibilities are endless :)

I started drawing in early 2017. Growing up I never felt gifted in this area & therefore didn't pursue it. Since 1998 (twenty years) I have been on Peritoneal DIALYSIS for ESRD (end stage renal disease) For the last 3 of those years, I have been on HEMO-dialysis. This requires me to go to the hospital 3x a week (M, W, F) for 3.5 hours each treatment. Managing my health is a Full-Time job in itself. During this challenge in my life (hemo-dialysis @ the hospital)
I began watching instructional YouTube videos on DRAWING & took an online ART course.
It's by doing this, I discovered a natural artistic talent tucked away.
Drawing is now my creative outlet of choice.
Daily I try to do something with my God-given gift.

Living on a fixed income, a little extra I make from my prints will allow me to invest more into my craft. I did attempt setting up/running an Etsy shop but found my efforts as a new artist
cost more than I was able to bring in.
(fees associated with posting items & processing orders)

Your support by purchasing one or many of my DIGITAL copies will be a great source
of encouragement & motivation for me. If you're interested in a physical/personally signed and numbered PRINT, please email me & we will make it happen.

♥ With a sincere heart I thank-you for your on-going support ♥
(Å)ngel (ps 91:11)