Daze Jefferies

Daze Jefferies is a multidisciplinary artist-poet-researcher at Memorial University whose research-creation focalizes upon embodiments, geographies, and histories of trans women (and) sex workers in Ktaqamkuk/Newfoundland, Canada. Her work (an assemblage of poetics, sound, theory, and visuals) has been exhibited and performed in artist-run centres, festivals, galleries, and theatres in Newfoundland, most recently at Eastern Edge Gallery as part of her collaborative exhibition, A Hole So Big It Became the Sky, with Coco Guzmán and 2SLGBTQ+ community members (2019). For her activist research-creation, she was awarded a Sesquicentennial Medal from the Senate of Canada (2018). She is co-author of Autoethnography and Feminist Theory at the Water’s Edge: Unsettled Islands (Palgrave Pivot 2018), and her poetry collection Drowned Known, which captures histories of trans fishy entanglement in Atlantic Canada, is forthcoming (Breakwater).