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my story

sharing the art of being alive. i'm a new england based (but globally available) mixed media artist, art journaler, storyteller, wordwitch + life guide.

after an unexpected journey with a brain tumor diagnosis + surgery, my life was forever changed. letting vulnerability lead, i said goodbye to my former + familiar life, surrendered to a new life of uncertainties + full of questions and yet fuller of dreams come true, and magic than ever before...

...because that's what can happen when we die to the old and become what we're really here to be.

"sometimes the sickness itself is the wake up call to have the adventure."

-sabrina ward harrison

.….i’ve come back home to myself infused with passion and purpose that keeps expanding by the day. gathering all I’ve learned, lived through and with, i'm honored to be your guide on your own healing, dreaming, creative wild + magic journey.

i know how to help you live truly. not in a one-size-fits-all-formula, or ten easy steps to have it all, but to lead you to the sacred soul places where you will find your own voice, to ask the questions, seek, become.…. more courageous. more bold. more open. more awake. more gentle. kind. self-compassionate. more light. more you. to celebrate and love this messy, imperfectly perfect journey of Life.

i can help you come alive again, to show up for yourself, to know you are worthy of your dreams. i share all the techniques, processes, tools + inspiration that saved, centered, grounded + freed me, and that can do the same for you.

via my live creativity + mixed media classes, on demand self-guided courses, mindfulness, meditation + inspirational videos, you'll awaken to the unlimited possibilities that are waiting for you.

this is your kindred spirit refuge, a space that cares for you + will encourage you every step of the way.

the world needs your beautiful soul.

this is your time!